Long time.

A very, very long time – and oh so much life has happened since then.

Where I am now: I have managed to gain some of the weight back due to a variety of factors. I have a much better support system. But I still struggle with ED thoughts, and to a less extent behaviors. Definitely still a high level of anxiety. I am doing meals on my own for the most part, and having a meal plan to follow (and accountability) has really helped me to eat more, but I still get so neurotic and scared at times and it’s such a hard battle to fight day after day. I did begin to slip back recently, and some friends caught on and urged me back to a dietitian – so at least there is some help there, but still it’s hard. I also have quite a hard time not exercising.

So progress, I guess, but still very much coping with fear foods and grocery shopping meltdowns and obsessing and temptation to restrict and to lose.