Radio Silence

This week I spent a lot of time sitting here.

I had other fun photos to show, but they’re on my ipod and it’s in my car. But the short version is  I sat here, and I ate a lot of baked beans, pita, peanut butter and bread, luna bars, nuts, and….oatmeal! cooked over my own campfire!

Then, I had my adorable-yet-handful-nephews come to stay, and we made homemade cinnamon rolls, and I had one yesterday and one today. So it’s been a rockin week for recovery, tackling scary foods (baked beans, cinnamon rolls) and today eating without too much fear! It’s also been not a rockin week for sleep and energy, hence the radio silence. But I’ll take it.

Will check blogs soon, hopefully tomorrow, hopefully after solid sleep.


3 thoughts on “Radio Silence

    • I’m flattered! Because of the personal/sensitive nature of my blog, I’ve been trying to keep identifying info from being linked to it. So – I’m not sure I could put much in a bio. I;d be happy to write up an article (this isn’t well written) and do it relatively anonymously, but not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

      • yup that could be great if you write something on nature for this weeks bbooks edition, include something about yourself in the bio or just any message for the readers, make sure you submit it before thursday, aug 16

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