Creative eating

Trying to plan food for a camping trip when you have an eating disorder and half of your safe foods are cooked and vegetable….and you won’t have refrigeration and you doubt your ability to create a fire….is challenging. Especially because the eating disorder has been winning in a huge way this week and I really want to turn that around. So part of me is like ‘you need to make sure you pack enough food’ and the other part is like ‘No! Don’t pack that much! You might eat it all!”. And who was buying the lowest calorie version of EVERYTHING?

Tricky. But I really really need to turn this whole thing around; my coworkers are commenting on my weight again and I fear my secret is nearly out, although some are attributing it to stress. I’m hoping against hope it will be enough to convince me to eat to maintain. The voice telling me it’s weak to eat, I’m fat, I need to lose weight, etc is so loud…. but C at work has nothing but concern in her eyes, and I know she has no reason to lie.

At any rate, i am hoping for peace, quiet, and space. It will taste so good, if it works.


9 thoughts on “Creative eating

    • The worst part is being alone. I am fortunate to have support; i work in a job where having an active eating disorder would be a huge problem. I’ve been trying to keep the struggle to a place where I only have to share it with people I trust.

      Today went ok, so I’m hopeful.

  1. Im going to festival at the end of the month which is a 5 day camping tip. Also am worried about the food issue. My plan though is to think about what would get me though one day and then just take enough for the 5. Im going to get some of those little cereal boxes and some long life milk cartons or maybe some cereal bars and then have a banana to make up the intake. For fruit and veg well fruit will be fine and veg you can also eat raw like carrots and beans. If you take foods that also just need hot water added to them (like cous cous, noodles, peas etc) you could ask a cafe or wherever you are going camping that has a kettle to fill up a flask for you and then take it back to your tent.
    Good luck with it 🙂 xxx

      • Sounds good 🙂 Im going to have to take the same sorts of things I think. Getting a little worried about it now actually, but just going to try and enjoy it without thinking too much about the food…X

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